Count Your Blessings

Being a mother, of course, I have a daily to-do-list. One of my main ones is grocery shopping. Sometimes, I don’t shop at just one store at a time depending on household needs and the prices of certain things at certain stores. When I get a cart at a store, I usually put my purse in the front holder. (My purse situation is a total other subject such as the size, weight, etc.) Anyway, my mind was so focused on getting to the next store to complete my grocery list for the week that when I put the bags in the trunk of the car I left my purse in the grocery cart.  I remembered on my way to my next destination for household supplies.

I rushed back to the grocery store hoping that my purse would still be there but… Even though I just left the place, of course my purse wasn’t still where I left it.  I tried not to freak out instantly because that’s not going to help the situation. Instead I tried to think of everything that was in it that can be replaced, and what I can I do to replace everything asap.  Then I started to ask people in the area if they saw a purse or anyone who may have asked about it. No result. I went inside the store and asked customer service if anyone dropped off a purse. No result. I did this about three times and was about to start freaking out because this was delaying my schedule.

It was an early morning Saturday and  I just dropped off my teenage daughter to a big track meet for the day.  This is my time to do as much as I can to prep for the upcoming next week so I’m not rushing around during the week with my work schedule among other things.  If I had to replace the things in my wallet, that would totally put me a week behind with my freelance work and household chores.

The whole time this was happening I was hoping and praying that things would work out.  I was rather calm, though, because this had happened before. I did it during the holiday season, and with my cell phone.  When it happened during the holiday season, I was totally freaking out. Also, I had to drive a whole lot farther to turn around to retrieve my purse.  By the time I returned to the last place I left my purse, it was at the customer service booth. I felt so blessed that day because the purse I left was a designer purse with a whole lot more than I was caring this past Saturday.  When I left my phone, I was able to just walk back into the store and it was exactly where I left it. Now I was more calm because not only it happened before and things worked out, but I was thinking that no one would want the little carry on bag that I had that day.  Another thing was that it was early morning and not that many people were in the stores yet.

These were the things that were going on in my mind during my search for the lost purse that day, but as it was taking longer to find it my thoughts were turning negative. Such as maybe my luck ran out.  I was able to get my left behind things before, but maybe it won’t happen this time. I had to take a breather and not let those negative thoughts devour me. Just when I was about to give up on the search at the store and decide to cover my losses, a nice lady came around with my purse just about to drop it off with customer service.  She claimed that she was looking for my phone number through my address on my driver’s license in my wallet. Even though I didn’t appreciate her going through my purse and my wallet, I thanked her with as much gratefulness as I could give at that moment. A lesson learned for me. My moment of truth is even though things may not be going well in everything in my life to never give up on positive things to continue to happen in other areas, though they may be small. Count your blessings.


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